What’s New at Diamond Tool?

New Machines   

Over the past few months, Diamond Tool and Engineering has added a Sodick ALN600G Wire EDM machine (pictured below). This machine has greatly increased Diamond’s accuracy and repeatability, primarily on shutoff’s for flashier materials, such as LSR and MIM molds.

To the left, you’ll see Diamond’s new Sodick UH650L vertical machining center, outfitted with a 40,000rpm spindle and the graphite package, allowing us to cut both graphite and steel. This extremely nice machine is mated to one of our 3R robotic cells, allowing precise unmanned machining.

Our samping capabilities have also been expanded with a Wittman-Battenfeld 360 degree high pressure water system. This allows Diamond to sample a greater variety of resins in our 140 ton all-electric Toshiba sampling press.





Facility Improvements

As part of Diamond Tool and Engineering’s dedication to precision, climate control is a priority. Alloverhead doors and man doors leading to the manufacturing space are now built as air-locks to prevent climate shock. 

Additionally, 24″ thick isolation pads have been poured in part of the facility to prevent vibration transfer among the machines. More pads are to be poured soon.

A complete remodel of the office space has added approximately 1000 square feet, including a new Engineering Room and Conference Room. About 1500 square feet has been added to manufacturing, inlcuding a new white room for inspection, polishing, laser welding, and laser engraving.


Enhanced Capabilities

At Diamond we believe that if a company is not focused on continuous improvement of processes and capabilities, they will soon be left in the dust. Diamond Tool and Engineering has shown a dedication to staying abreast of new technologies. Most recently, a number of team members at Diamond attended the Conformal Cooling Conference, this year held in Minneapolis Minnesota, learning about newer and better ways to cool difficult parts and drastically decrease cycle time. 

Additionally, Diamond was present at the annual Liquid Silicone Rubber convention in Brea, CA this April. We are pleased to be tackling both Liquid Silicone Rubber and Metal Injection mold projects with success, and plan to build on this through continuous improvement of our maching and engineering capabilities.