From Laser Guns to Motorcycles

Injection Molding for the Masses

Other Part ImageAll of us  at Diamond Tool & Engineering enjoy jumping in on a challenging new project. Our enthusiasm is evident in our work – creating high quality injection molds and tooling. We enjoy what we do.

In the Beginning

Our very first mold project was a rubber injection mold (not a plastic mold) for a Polaris four-wheeler. Since then, we went on to make injection tooling for laser guns, soap dispensers, detergent dispensers, optical lenses and so many products in between. Our work has been utilized by some of the world’s largest companies to some small single-employee molding shops. One thing has remained consistent, our commitment to quality products and service on every account.


Business is About the People


img_2198-diamondte-1993You bet we pay extreme attention to detail with our parts and processes, and we absolutely get carried away with technology. But when we ask ourselves, “What do we enjoy most?” – the answer is always ‘our customers.’ We are good at what we do, and we take a lot of pride in meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations. We look forward to sharing our enthusiasm with you.


At the End of the Day

“At the end of the day, after the lights go off and the robots are working in the dark, what we value most is the committed relationships we have gained with our customers. And even through the rough times – the dot com bust in ’97, the recent recession of ’09 – our customers stuck by our side and got us through it. We are fortunate to have made so many friends. For me, business is all about building trust, creating friendships, and nurturing relationships that last.”

– Kent Smith, President, Diamond Tool & Engineering

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