Medical Molding Requires Perfection

Health Care and MedicalDiamond Tool & Engineering works with leading custom injection molding manufacturers in the medical device industry; many of which partake in assembly and subassembly manufacturing. We take pride in developing a committed relationship with each of our medical injection molding manufacturers. Our attention is on providing the highest quality products and customer service.

No Mistakes – Tolerances are Tight

We excel at perfection because we spend the time it takes upfront to design and engineer a medical injection mold with the highest level of integrity and quality possible. We identify potential problemsbefore we start cutting the steel, and check and recheck all tolerances when creating the mold. And weather the medical mold calls for a high shine, diamond finish or a more conventional finish, we have the expertise to meet your needs.

Exotic Molding Materials

img_2391-diamond-0216-editDiamond Tool & Engineering loves the challenges that comes with working with some of the more exotic materials being develop with today’s technology. We deliver an ultra-precision mold that can handle the most advanced engineered and high performance resins.

Production Fast

The medical market is fast paced and market leadership is directly linked to ‘time to market.’ We have a reputation of getting the design right the first time. This speeds up time to market…and time to revenue. In 98% of all cases, our molds are ready for production immediately following the first sampling.

Over Twenty Years of Mold Making Experience

Diamond Tool & Engineering has been in the medical device mold making industry for over twenty years.

“We love working with the high degree of quality required. We especially enjoy partnering with our customers to develop innovative solutions for their injection molding projects. We take pride in our work and our relationships.”

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Some of our clients are molders who are manufacturers for:

MassDevice – Covering the Business of Medical Devices is a great source for tracking burgeoning trends and developments within the medical device industry. They host ‘Big 100’ Roundtables, networking and resource sharing events for the medical device industry, and offer an annual ‘Big 100’ edition profiling the world’s 100 largest medical device companies, ranked by revenues.