Help Wanted – Manufacturing Day, October 4, 2013

The Future of Manufacturing is with the Next Generation

by Todd Schuett

Manufacturing Educator Tool Kit ImageMany of us share a deep concern for the future of manufacturing and how we’ll attract the next generation of manufacturing professionals. One big nationwide push is Manufacturing Day, October 4, 2013, where many manufacturers across the USA are opening their doors to show prospective workers:

  • What modern manufacturing facilities are really like these days
  • What the companies located in your community make and who they sell to
  • What kind of jobs are available in manufacturing
  • What skills and education are needed to qualify for today’s manufacturing jobs

Creative Technology Corp Supports Manufacturing Day

Creative Technology Logo with BackgroundAt Creative Technology, we think manufacturing is cool,

and we want to share

that with everyone.

–Todd Schuett, President

At Creative Technology Corp, we are pleased to support the Manufacturing Day efforts with our production of videos targeting our next generation of manufacturers.

“What Is It Like To Study Manufacturing” is featured on the Manufacturing Day web site. Produced in a joint effort with Modern Machine Shop Magazine, The Society of Machine Engineers Education Foundation (SMEEF), and AMT, this is one in a series of videos we have produced, provided to over 4,800 schools throughout the USA with study guides to promote careers in manufacturing.

Video – What Is It Like to Study Manufacturing



This video, “What Is It Like To Study Manufacturing,” was taped on location at Rockford, Illinois’ Rock Valley College (RVC) and Clinkenbeard, a Rockford, IL manufacturer of complex mock-ups, prototypes, and castings, as well as precision 5-axis CNC machining used in aerospace and other industries. The story centers around a group of RVC students and their capstone project, creating a fixturing system to help improve CNC productivity at Clinkenbeard.

If you would like more information about this series of videos and study materials, or if you have a story you’d like to share, please contact Todd Schuett by clicking the link below or by phone at 847-910-1258.

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