Our In-House Mold Sampling Machine is Up and Running

We are Excited to Offer In-House Mold Sampling

First Parts Coming off the mold

Bryan Amiot, right, with a customer at the new Toshiba EC140SX molding machine watching the first run parts.

We are truly excited to announce we have purchased  a brand new Toshiba EC140SX molding machine to offer in-house mold testing and sampling. And we are please to share we have hired a full-time process engineer, Steve Mumm, to run the machine.

We don’t get excited easily, however, having in-house sampling capabilities truly excites us. We have offered mold sampling on an outsourced basis for years. Bringing sampling in-house expands our ability to help service our customers.

Same Day Mold Adjustments

For the first molds we sampled, our customer’s project manager came out to Bertha to inspect the process. As with most new molds, tweaks were necessary. The mold adjustments were relatively minor. We were able to do mold adjustments in our shop the same day we were sampling. We put the mold back into the machine and presto! – the mold was approved for production. Our customer took the mold the same day.

“We like offering this kind of service to our customers. Anything we can do to save time and money is good. Anything we can do to get our customers into production fast is great!” – Kent Smith.

The machine arrived in May. By the beginning of June, after cleaning up a bit to make room, we started testing. By the end of June we were confident we were ready run samples. In July, Steve Mumm joined the team. Check out the slide show below to watch some of the steps of the installation.

Frist Parts Coming Off the Machine

Bryan Amiot, left, Jason VanBatavia, center, and Kent Smith, right, examining the first part coming off the new molding machine.

A Brand New Toshiba E-140SX All-Electric Molding Machine

The machine we chose is an All Electric Toshiba EC 140SX. There were many factors considered in narrowing our decision to this particular machine. Most importantly were the Tie Bar Spacing of 20.1”, and shot size range from 2.5 oz to 6.5 oz. with a quick barrel change.These features allow us to sample 95% of the tooling we build for our customers.

Some other benefits of the machine are the ease of use, and great process control for small parts. We also purchased the necessary support equipment to run tools with hot manifolds (with valve gate staging), resin dryer, hydraulic core pull, etc. We have sampled many tools over the past few months and this machine has served us beyond our initial expectations.

Let’s Get to Work on Getting You into Production

Injection mold sampling with Diamond Tool & Engineering will deliver you a production-ready injection mold tool fast –saving you time and money. We take pride in the products we deliver, the quality service we provide, and the success of our customers.

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