Diamond Tool in the News!

As an innovative company in the toolmaking industry, it is important that we are constantly developing new processes and techniques as well as increasing our precision and manufacturing capabilities. Our newsletters are an awesome way to stay informed, but the most up-to-date content is published on our linkedIn company page that you can find here. Please Follow!


Hopefully you’ve seen some of our published content about a recent mold we build that combined a number of technologies, including a Roehr Tool collapsing core and 3D printed conformal cooling cavity block, to break barriers in cycle time and tool building, below you’ll find a few recently published articles in Additive manufacturing and MoldMaking Technologies that help go into detail about these molds.


MoldMaking Technologies
“Diamond Tool and Engineering is a precision plastic injection mold builder headquartered in Bertha, Minnesota, that specializes in tight-tolerance, multi-cavity tooling for the medical industry. Diamond recently built an injection mold that was designed to push the limits of traditional moldmaking, and collaboration was essential to…” Read More Here



Additive Manufacturing
“In a project launched with the intent to prove that conformal cooling is not only feasible, but also accessible, Diamond Tool and Engineering recently produced an injection mold that was designed to push the limits of traditional moldmaking. A direct metal laser-melted conformal-cooled insert was…” Read Full Article



Diamond Tool and Engineering remains committed to innovation and success. Let us know if you have a project we can sink our teeth into!