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Automotive, Electronic, and Medical Industries

img_2564-diamond-0380Diamond Tool & Engineering works with custom injection molding manufacturers across the country to produce parts for the automotive, electronic, medical and other manufacturing industries. With technology in industry continuously driving production to smaller, more powerful components, staying connected with the fast-paced developments in the plastics and mold making industry ensures excellence in what we deliver. We excel at creating plastic injecting molds meeting extremely tight tolerances and with complex geometries, Speed to Production – every day counts when getting a part into production. We pride ourselves in getting the plastic injection mold design right the first time, and that gets you into production faster. In 98% of tooling projects, our molds are ready for production following the first sampling – saving weeks of time. img_2263-diamond-0088Quality When Cosmetics are Important – our commitment to customer-centered continuous improvement, industry best practices, and emerging manufacturing technologies, ensures our customers receive only the highest quality plastic injection molding tools. Responsive to Engineering Changes – We get it right the first time and we are responsive to engineering changes – the tweeks and adjustments that are a critical part of working with automotive suppliers. Exotic Molding Materials – Diamond Tool & Engineering loves the challenges that comes with working with some of the more exotic materials being develop with today’s technology. We deliver an ultra-precision mold that can handle the most advanced engineered and high performance resins. Diamond Tool WlirkingGlobal Sourcing – We deliver the best of both worlds – the high quality of domestic engineering and the lower cost of tooling overseas. We have established excellent relationships with plastic injection mold building facilities in China. We have proven processes that develop consistent high quality results. At all times, we have resources in China providing oversight and supervision for our projects. Our engineers are in China several times a year as needed. We have domestic facilities in Ohio and Minnesota to make any mold adjustments required. We pride ourselves in getting the plastic injection mold design right the first time, helping you get into production fast. But we don’t stop there; we love to step up to the plate and innovate when any new challenging project comes our way – tooling for laser guns, soap dispensers, detergent dispensers, optical lenses, and more; we have got you covered. Our highly qualified team pairs up-to-date technology with great customer service that will exceed your expectations every time.

The Industries We Specialize in are:

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Over Twenty Years of Mold Making Experience

Diamond Tool & Engineering has been in the plastic injection mold making industry for over twenty years.

“We love working with the high degree of quality required. We especially enjoy partnering with our customers to develop innovative solutions for their injection molding projects. We take pride in our work and our relationships.”

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